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International Journal of Earth Sciences
(Geologische Rundschau)

The journal publishes original and review papers on the processes that shape the Earth, including:
  • Dyamics of the lithosphere
  • Magmatic and metamorphic processes
  • Material cycles
  • Mineral deposits and hydrocarbons
  • Sedimentary systems
  • Surface processes
  • Marine and continental ecosystems
  • Evolution of life

The peer-reviewed journal appears eight times yearly in English. Members receive a free copy of the journal. For non-members the annual subscription costs 1048.00 Euro plus postage (as of 2008).

The international editorial board ensures the high quality of contributions.

The International Journal of Earth Sciences is published by Springer-Verlag. Issues prior to 1992 can be obtained from the main office of the Geologische Vereinigung in Mendig, as long as supplies last.

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Prof. Dr. Wolf-Christian Dullo
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D-24148 Kiel, Germany
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