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About DGGV

DGGV's address:

Secretariat Hannover
Buchholzer Str. 98
D-30655 Hannover
Phone: +49/511/89805061
Fax: +49/511/69097930
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please find current Information and Membership Application Forms at: www.dggv.de


DGG and GV merged to DGGV on January 1, 2015

During the General Assembly of GV and DGG September 23. 2014 in Frankfurt, it was decided to have the two associations merged to one larger entity called DGGV, which will start in January 2015.

Statements related to this process by R. Littke (GV), Gernold Zulauf (DGG), and Reinhard Gaupp (DGGV) can be read at http://www.g-v.de/content/view/1216/128/. 

Weitere Informationen hierzu >>>
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Information about former DGG please find at www.dgg.de.

Information about former GV

The Geologische Vereinigung e.V. (GV) is a non-profit international Earth science organization with more than 1,600 members in over 64 countries. Membership is open to scientists and students worldwide. Since 1910 the GV's mission has been:

  • to promote scientific study of the Earth's development in time and space and to publish the results of these scientific studies,
  • to promote cooperation among science administrators and scientific organizations,
  • to initiate and participate in geoscience programs and projects,
  • to promote interdisciplinary discussions, publication, and the dissemination of information.

An active exchange of ideas and experiences keeps a scientific community alive. Both junior and senior gelogists benefit from these exchanges. The GV fosters them through:

  • organising research conferences,
  • sponsoring short courses,
  • organising excursions,
  • publishing the International Journal of Earth Science, the Geologische Rundschau, and
  • publishing monographs on the frontiers of Earth sciences with other European societies.

GV supports and sponsors activities of organizations, scientific working groups and colleagues who share the the basic mission of the Geologische Vereinigung. Some of the scientific groups are:

GV awards:

GV welcomes:

as a non-profit organisation

  • endowments,
  • donations; along with the membership fees, these are tax-deductible.

GV wants:

The In accordance with its goal of supporting interaction in all fields of Earth sciences, the Geologische Vereinigung

  • circulates ideas and topics of basic and applied geology for the scientific community,
  • provides expert geological information to guide puclic and economic activities,
  • fosters international cooperation between scientific organisations, institutions, and associations.

GV offers:

The membership fee entitles you to:

  • a free copy of the International Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES),
  • a personal online access to the IJES for individual members, 
  • a free copy of GMit (Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen) (individual members),
  • a reduction on all GV publications,
  • a reduction on Springer non-German-language publications,
  • reduced GV conference fees, and
  • support towards travel expenses for student members attending GV research conferences, excursions, and short courses (funds permitting).

GV cooperations:

  • Individual members are offered a Joint Membership in the Geologische Vereinigung e.V. and the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft at reduced fees (including all entitlements of both societies) due to the strenghtened cooperation between both societies. GV Bylaws / DMG Bylaws.

  • To foster interdisciplinary cooperation Geologische Vereinigung (GV) offers working groups or sections. The section Sedimentology, also associated with the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), has recently been established.



Annual Meetings

Research conferences are dedicated to key topics of international interest. Members pay reduced fees. See Conferences for upcoming dates.

Short Courses

Several universities offer short courses open to students. Headed by experts, these short courses are perfect for students wanting to broaden their knowledge in fields not offered at their own universities. The GV encourages students to attend by offering financial support towards fees and travel expenses. See Short Courses & Field Trips for more information.


In order to intensify fieldwork in geologically interesting regions, the GV offers excursions for its members. These are led by experts familiar with the area and the scientific topic(s). Students are entitled to financial support to help cover travel expenses.

Students in the GV

Student members can profit from the experience and knowledge of senior geologists, e.g. at meetings, short courses, excursions, and through the International Journal of Earth Sciences. Furthermore, they can establish a network at their level for exchanging data and information. Students pay reduced membership and conference fees and get financial support for travel expenses to GV research conferences, excursions and short courses.


GV Trailer

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